We put our creativity and know-how at the service of your desires

At Little Cabari, we believe that what makes our products unique is more than just a beautiful line, impeccable quality and environmentally friendly production. It's the fact that they look like you. 

Our house was born from this desire to imagine beautiful, personalised environments. Because an interior where you feel good says something about the person who lives there, we offer you the possibility of putting your tastes into images and telling a story that speaks about you. 

We have made customisation our signature. Its implementation is based on our production choices and commits us to our promise of excellence. Because our designs are imagined and drawn by hand by our design studio, because our products are made by craftsmen with unique know-how, we can make this flexibility possible. 

The choice of colours

Chacun de nos motifs peut être décliné dans une large gamme de coloris. Ainsi nous adaptons la palette des tons de nos papiers peints, de nos tissus et de nos tapis sur mesure selon vos préférences.

Customisation of the design

We retouch the design of our wallpapers and fabrics to change the scale of a motif or to integrate a wink into the composition. With the help of our design office, give free rein to your inventiveness to personalise our collections and create the exceptional. 

The work of drawing

We adjust the design of our panoramic decors to the environment in which it is inserted, taking into account the architectural constraints of the space. Designed by our creative studio, our frescoes integrate a window, an under-slope, a column or a fixed piece of furniture, without altering their balance. The motifs naturally find their place on the wall. The murals published by Little Cabari are unique, recomposed for each project.

Playing with dimensions

Custom-made rugs give you the freedom to choose the dimensions of your rug so that it fits perfectly into your interior.

Unique pieces and special orders 

Imagine and give life to your desires! That carpet you've always dreamed of, that landscape you'd like to see on your walls... we offer you the possibility of reinterpreting one of our models or creating an original wallpaper, fabric or carpet design.

Certified in graphic design and interior architecture, our experienced team will work with you to design your exceptional pieces. We respond to the specific needs of each order with attention and involve you in the development of the product so that your ideas come to life according to your tastes. 

Production times and orders 

The customisation of our products does not affect production times and does not force you to order in large quantities. Committed to the preservation of resources, we fight against waste and value the right order.