When Camille Bazil and Alice Ricard founded Little Cabari in 2013, they were looking to shake up the codes of the children's room. To break away from monochrome, powdery tones and infantile graphics, they imagined wallpapers that would take the bedroom out of the clichés of childhood. Like a desire to open the window wide, they generously bring nature and colour into the house.

Together they create collections that bring a breath of fresh air. Full of poetry and imbued with a painterly touch, their refined designs showcase nature with a new sophistication. And this beauty changes everything. It takes children seriously, challenges and surprises them, and offers them a welcoming refuge in which they can grow up for a long time.

The brand was the first to imagine immersive settings for children, giving its letters of nobility to panoramic frescoes for children.

Today, Camille and Alice approach the whole house with the same creativity. There's no reason why only children should be allowed a little fantasy! The founders of the brand see each room as they did the bedroom of their youngest children: a space of expression and freedom where you can stage what you like.

Little Cabari was born out of a shared desire to see everyone flourish in an inspiring interior. It is also based on a commitment to sustainability that finds its raison d'être in the slow lifestyle and a greener approach to consumption.

Thinking the timeless

Camille and Alice conceive their products as being able to accompany the person who uses them for a long time. But designing home decor to survive the test of time is no small task. They opt for high quality materials sourced in an environmentally friendly way. They design timeless patterns with inventiveness, combining finesse and modernity. They rely on the impeccable know-how of talented craftsmen.

The expert craftsmanship and elegant design of Little Cabari products make them durable and timeless.

The power of the beautiful and the fabulous: each piece is a travel diary

Looking at nature with wonder, Camille and Alice draw from it a repertoire of forms that their artistic sensitivity transforms into creative and timeless motifs. The vibrant palette of colours and the pictorial nature of the drawings evoke wonder and awaken the imagination. Because that's what Little Cabari is all about. Bringing out the emotion. Surprising. To create a change of scenery. And to offer everyone the chance to live in a beautiful environment. 

A room of your own, just for you

From this desire to tell stories and invite reverie comes tailor-made products, one of the pillars of the brand. Inspiring a true desire to please and to have fun with everyone's tastes, this is also what Little Cabari likes to do.

Enriching each other: an atypical creative process that puts the artistic spirit at the heart of the brand

Working in tandem, Camille and Alice combine their skills and talents to create the very personal designs that make up the identity of Little Cabari.

It all starts with the drawing. It is Alice who composes each of the motifs individually. She documents a lot. But sometimes it is enough to pick up a detail on a walk: the vibration of a leaf, the movement of raindrops on a pond, the line of waves on the sand. She paints each subject in gouache on separate boards. Because the artistic spirit is part of the DNA of the company. It is a guarantee of quality and creativity. It is also an original way of reviving the Chinese tradition of wallpaper, which was originally painted by hand.

Alice's paintings are then digitised and some of the roughness is removed. But the pictorial workmanship remains to give depth to the motifs and make them come alive on the paper. 

Camille takes over. She brings Alice's drawings to life by imagining a story for them. She stages them, creating a dynamic backdrop in which the motifs are assembled. She invents lush jungles and teeming landscapes that create desire and curiosity. 

Finally comes the colour. Together, Alice and Camille define the range of tones, a rich palette of original colours. They like lively colours, those that convey joy and happiness.

Each one, with her own eye and sensibility, has thus participated in the birth of each collection. 

Alice and Camille are surrounded by a dynamic team of producers and craftsmen with exceptional know-how to make Little Cabari products. 

Little Cabari today 

Over the years, Little Cabari has extended its range of products for the home: wallpapers, fabrics, then rugs, decorative objects and furniture. Today, the brand is breathing new inspiration and moving away from the children's world, opening a new chapter in its history.

Because adults are never far from their childhood, it seemed natural to reconcile these two worlds. From the child's room to the whole house, there is only one step. And here it is. 

True to the French art of living, Little Cabari creations bring art, beauty and poetry into the home.

Household classics

The bird is the emblem of our house. It is the impulse of vitality, the aspiration to freedom that lightly invites us to escape from our routine. It is also the very first design imagined by Alice. And the one that inspired the motif of Jazz.

Jazz is our signature print. It was born from a desire to divert the traditional toile de Jouy to replace the scenes of pastoral life by a living and generous nature.

The Nutcracker calls for play and contemplation of the rhythms of the forest. The mischievousness of the squirrels and the cheerful chirping of the birds remind us of the joyful energy of the wilderness. This print is inspired by the Chevreuse valley where our illustrator Alice lives. 

The Manja décor is the first décor designed by Little Cabari. Born from a childhood memory, it brings back to life the panoramic frescoes found in family homes. Its phantasmagorical jungle invites you to travel and dream.

The Clair-Obscur set captures the most beautiful lights of the day, those of the moments of transition between day and night, when nature, still asleep, gradually awakens, or when it regains its calm just before plunging into darkness.

Portraits of the founders :


A graduate of the Penninghen School of Graphic Art, Alice Ricard draws Little Cabari's repertoire of motifs with grace and precision.

Drawing her graphic identity from the stylised lines of the Douanier Rousseau and the decorative flat tints of Japanese prints, she is inspired by nature to imagine poetic fauna and flora. Alice is a hunter of the marvellous. She loves the exuberance of the living world and the brightness of colour. Her artistic sensitivity gives life to a bestiary and vegetation full of elegance.

Alice also illustrates children's books.


Alice paints each design in gouache, on individual boards. Camille combines them to create the Little Cabari collections.



Camille Bazil, an interior architect and designer trained at the Penninghen school, puts her talent for rhythm and colour at the service of Little Cabari. Inspired by the vibrant poetry of nature, she thinks of harmonies, creates voids and solids to give life to Alice's motifs and invent a graphic narrative of delicate refinement.

Camille has a very personal vision of beauty. Influenced by the decorative language of Madeleine Castaing, the avant-garde of Charlotte Perriand and the sober elegance of Andrée Putman, she imagines products that combine her taste for the beautiful, the functional and the durable to give interiors an extra soul.

Camille also designs custom-made carpets and furniture. She carries out decoration projects for private clients.


Marie-Pierre Bouneau Manuel is the commercial and development manager of the brand.

Alice Aupetit is the Communications & Web Manager.


Little Cabari is also a dynamic team and talented craftsmen who share our values and aspirations.